Hurricane Matthew Aftermath

Hurricane Matthew We are here for you. Give us a call! 912-236-1730 Our area took a beating from hurricane Matthew.  We are currently in recovery mode and I am so […]

Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Benefits of a Bathroom Ventilation Fan A properly installed bathroom ventilation fan can keep your bathroom’s humidity levels down, help prevent mold growth, and reduce odors.  If your bathroom vent […]

Exposed TV Cables

Hiding Those Unsightly TV Cables Exposed cables from TV’s hung on the wall is just not very pretty.  If you want a crisp clean look in your living room or […]

2-Prong Outlets? Time to Update

Out with the old 2-prong outlets You may remember the 2-prong outlets that were common prior to the 70’s.   If your house still has them, it’s probably time to make […]

Charging Your Devices Just Got Easier

Charging Electronics At my home we have a drawer dedicated to just charging cables and chargers.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use your wall outlets for things […]

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation Ceiling fans are a must here in the summer time. A ceiling fan can make any indoor and outdoor space more comfortable.  Check out the below article […]