Benefits of a Bathroom Ventilation Fan

A properly installed bathroom ventilation fan can keep your bathroom’s humidity levels down, help prevent mold growth, and reduce odors.  If your bathroom vent fan is installed incorrectly, isn’t running properly, or is undersized for your bathroom, the fan needs to be repaired or replaced.  If your bathroom doesn’t have a bathroom vent fan, you definitely need to consider having one installed.Bathroom Ventilation Fan

So what does the bathroom vent fan do?

The main function of a bathroom ventilation fan is to remove humidity.  While taking hot showers and baths, humid air builds up in your bathroom. The fan will vent that humid air outside.  If your vent fan hose terminates in your attic, that’s a recipe for disaster. That humid air will get trapped in your attic,  penetrating the materials causing mold growth and rot.  The vent hose should be installed so the humid air will vent outside of your home.

What happens if I don’t use the fan?

If you choose not use the fan in your bathroom or if you don’t have an exit for that humidity, the moisture will penetrate your walls and ceilings.  Over time the ceiling texture may crack and black spots will start developing on your walls. Those black spots are mold and nobody wants mold in their home.  Tearing out walls to get rid of mold and putting in new walls is much more costly than repairing or installing a fan in your bathroom.

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