How We Got Started


Frank Joyner, founder of Joyner Electric Company

Frank Joyner, founder of Joyner Electric Company, working on Talmadge Memorial Bridge in Savannah, Georgia.

It all started with Frank Joyner who began his career as an electrician working for Union Camp.

Melvin Joyner

Young Melvin assisting on a job site.

Frank loved helping anyone in need, especially those who needed help with electrical work. His kindness and love for others grew into a desire to provide top quality electrical work in for the Savannah area. Frank worked after regular working hour with Union Camp, providing electrical work for friends and family. Charlotte Joyner, Frank’s wife, kept customers happy by dispatching the calls to Frank in the early years. When the calls were more than Frank could handle only in the evenings, the time came to end the day job with Union Camp. Their love and dedication was the beginning of a new electrical company called Joyner Electric Company.

Our "Hugger Orange" Service Trucks circa 1980's.

Our "Hugger Orange" Service Trucks circa 1980's.

Early on, Joyner Electric Company was known for the color of their trucks, which was “Hugger Orange.” Joyner Electric Company became a corporation in 1975 and expanded services throughout the Southeast. Frank’s slogan “Don’t Be in the Dark, Call the Experts” established a platform for top quality electrical work. Safety was Frank's #1 goal so he backed his work with a 24 Hour Emergency Service.

A Family Business


Joyner Electric Company Inc. has been a family business since the start. Charlotte Joyner continued to answer phone calls and run the office as the business grew. Frank brought his son, Melvin Joyner, on many of the calls. Melvin grew up watching his dad perform electrical work. He continued to work with his dad and learned the hands on approach in the electrical field. Melvin gained his Georgia low-voltage unrestricted license in the mid 80’s. He passed the Georgia non-restricted Electrical Exam to become a Master Electrician in the early 90’s. Melvin’s wife, Kyndall Joyner, began to work with Charlotte managing the office in the late 1980’s.

Frank’s younger brother, Donald Joyner, aka D.P. Joyner came to work for Joyner Electric Company. In 1990, Donald decided to start his own electric service company known as D.P. Joyner Electric. In the late 2000’s, Donald sold the company and has since passed away. **Joyner Electric and Security, Inc. is not affiliated with D.P. Joyner Electric.

Expanding Our Service

about_1990sOver the years, Joyner Electric Company Inc. received many contracts to install safety and security systems for commercial and industrial businesses. Frank and Melvin decided to branch out and open Savannah Alarm Systems in the late 80’s, which became a division of Joyner Electric Company, Inc. In the early 90’s Savannah Alarm Systems, began providing monitoring services for the residential, commercial and industrial market.

The Next Generation (2000-Present)

Melvin & Kyndall Joyner

Melvin and Kyndall Joyner

Melvin became CEO of Joyner Electric Company, Inc. when Frank and Charlotte retired in 2000. Melvin continues to provide top quality electrical and security work. He understands the importance of integrity when it comes to the electrical and security industry. Integrity is core to his belief system, while providing top quality personal customer service. Melvin has been able to continue the legacy of services his dad created. In 2010, Joyner Electric Co. and Savannah Alarm Systems became Joyner Electric and Security Inc.

The Joyner family continues the family tradition. Chase Joyner, Melvin’s son, is following in his dad’s and granddad’s footsteps. Melvin’s daughters, Karoline and Katherine, have both worked for the business as well, either as an electrician’s helper or in the office with Kyndall. We have done it all! “No job is too small or too big”, Frank always said.

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D.P. Joyner Electric and Joyner DP Electric are not affiliated with Joyner Electric and Security. We are the original Joyner Electric Company.