2 prong outlet

Out with the old 2-prong outlets2 prong outlet

You may remember the 2-prong outlets that were common prior to the 70’s.   If your house still has them, it’s probably time to make use of the phrase, “Out with old and in with the new”.

Why do I need to update my outlets?

If your home has the 2-prong outlets, your house isn’t necessarily out of code, these outlets are grandfathered in.  In many cases, the wiring to the outlets can be old and brittle with insulation falling off the wire.  When there isn’t proper insulation on the wire, you run the risk of having a short.

What do you do when you have an electrical plug that has 3 prongs when you have a 2-prong outlet? We’re familiar with the adapters some people choose to use instead of having the outlet replaced, It may be a quick and cheap fix but there is no ground and you run the risk of electrical shock.

Outdated 2-prong outletsCan’t I just do it myself?

There are websites out there that show you step by step instructions on replacing 2-prong outlets to 3-prong outlets, HOWEVER, you can never be sure the results will be up to code.  In our review of online instructionals on the topic, we found multiple problems like outlets not being grounded and final results not being up to code.

Be safe and not sorry when dealing with electrical upgrades. Avoid short circuits and electrical shock and get the job done up to code by professionals.

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