Accent lighting highlighting business sign. Savannah Electrician

What is accent lighting?

Accent lighting highlighting business sign. Savannah ElectricianAccent lights are supplemental light sources in your space that can soften your space and enhance the atmosphere.  You generally see accent lighting in outdoor spaces to illuminate a pathway or highlight architectural design or garden art.  In indoor spaces, accent lights are used in a variety of ways like backlighting framed art or adding soft undercabinet lighting.

Why add accent lighting to your space?

Many people pick out their main light fixtures and are left with a harsh light and not a very inviting space.  Put a dimmer on your main lights and add some accent lights to soften the space.  You can create a clean look with custom accent lighting that enhances the atmosphere of your indoor and outdoor spaces.  Direct attention to wall hangings and art or position accent lighting low to highlight a hallway.  Add presence to your space and wow your guests and customers.

Indoors Spaces

  • Highlight hallways.
  • Direct attention to art.
  • Use backlighting to create a dramatic effect.
  • Light up your kitchen with under cabinet LED lighting.
  • Light up your stair case with stair lighting along the steps or under the rail.

Commercial Building Accent LightingOutdoor Spaces

  • Illuminate a path or walkway.
  • Direct attention to garden art.
  • Create a dramatic presence with uplighting.
  • Draw attention to a pond or other natural feature.

What kind of lighting to use?

Adding accent lights can be as simple as putting a couple of lamps in a room but if you want a crisp clean and custom look, you should look at track lighting or LED strip lighting.  If you know the look you are going for but aren’t sure about how to get that look, just give us a call.

No matter what kind of lighting you want to use whether it be sconces, recessed, track lighting, or LED strips we can help you with your accent lighting project.

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