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AC vs DC

What’s the difference between AC & DC or alternating current and direct current? 
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Alternating vs. Direct Current

“So it appears the War of the Currents may not be over yet. But instead of continuing in a heated AC vs. DC battle, it looks like the two currents will end up working parallel to each other in a sort of hybrid armistice.” Lantero, A. The War of the Currents: AC vs. DC Power.

Quick Facts on Alternating Current

  • Alternating current is electric current whose direction fluctuates. 
  • It was developed by Nikola Tesla. 
  • AC power is used in your home and workplaces. 
  • Equipment & home appliances use AC power.
  • Alternating current more efficient than DC power. 
  • AC power easily converts to low or high voltages and loses less voltage over long distances  

Quick Facts on Direct Current

  • Direct current is electric current that flows in one direction. 
  • It was developed by Thomas Edison
  • DC power is used for charging batteries & consumer electrics. 
  • Electric vehicles use direct current. 
  • Solar panels produce DC power.
  • Direct current doesn’t convert to higher or lower voltages easily.
  • It is more stable than AC. has a fun and interactive page all about Edison and Tesla.  check it our for videos, timelines, quizzes, and more about alternating and direct currents. 

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We live in a 50 year old house that still had a fuse box when we moved here in 2001. It served us well until we added some entertainment components and new appliances to our home. We knew we needed to upgrade the system. We carefully researched companies that could do the job and chose Joyner after reading reviews and talking to people. From the initial evaluation and estimate by Jason to the work done by Daniel and his team, the experience was confidence inspiring. We are very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend them to anyone needing major or minor electrical work done.

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We are so happy you are happy with the outcome and thank you so much for recommending us!

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