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Exposed TV Cables

Exposed Cables

Exposed cables from TV’s hung on the wall is just not very pretty.  If you want a crisp clean look in your living room or office space, we can get you set up with no unsightly power cords or TV cables showing.

We recently completed a service call for one of our customers. They called us because they were in the process of selling their home and every time they showed their home, she had to remove the cables and power cords.  She quickly realized there was a better way.  Below is the before & after pictures from that service call. 


In many of our service calls about exposed TV cables, safety was a main concern. Businesses like nursing homes can be in code violation when cables and wiring are exposed.  In cases of nursing homes and day cares, it’s not just about aesthetics but loose cables along the wall can become a safety hazard.

They had excellent service. They were well prepared to get the job done. They completed the job fast and cleaned up behind themselves. Last but not least, the customer service from both the technicisan and the office staff was excellent. 

(Edited for clarity) 

Ayana M.

Home Owner

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