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Finding The
Best Electrician

Finding A Trustworthy Electrician...

Since 1972, we’ve seen our share of electrical companies come and go and we’ve even had our own highs and lows and have had to adjust when the economy changes.

Finding the best electrician for your needs can be tough when there are so many electricians out there. We’ve compiled a few things to check before hiring your electrician. Please note – some of the following suggestions are exclusively for Georgia residents. 

1. Is The Electrician Registered To Do Business In The State?

You can easily check on this by visiting  your state’s secretary of state website and searching for their business name. Coordinated Legal Tech has compiled a list of these websites by state. Keep in mind, some companies go by a trade name that may be listed differently.


2. Is The Electrician Insured?

When an electrician or any service provider claims they are fully insured, don’t take their word for it. Workman’s Compensation insurance is very expensive and required when you have 3 employees (in the state of Georgia) but some companies opt to take the risk and not pay for it. Any service provider should be able to provide a certificate of insurance (COI) when requested.

3. Is The Electrician Licensed?

Normally, this information can be easy to find on their website but you need to make sure what they post is not fictitious.

If you are in Georgia, visit and plug in the license numbers to make sure they are up to date and valid.

Joyner Electric And Security Licenses:
Georgia Low Voltage – Unrestricted: LVU000088
Georgia Electrical Contractor-Non Restricted: EN211003
Florida Certified Electrical Contractor: EC13008464

4. Check Reviews.

This is probably the first thing anyone does when they look to hire an electrician. There’s Facebook, yelp, google, yp, homeadvisor, and many directories that publish reviews to check. Make sure the electrician is responsive to the reviews.  Customer service doesn’t end once the job is over and paid for.

Links to leave reviews and read our reviews can be found here

5. Get Quotes.

We are almost never the cheapest electrician on the block and that’s for good reason. We pay our employees well, pay for all insurances, provide tools and equipment needed for electrical jobs, etc.

We have had customers come to us AFTER accepting another electrician’s quote and had the work done poorly and it ends up costing them more money because we have to go in and clean up the other guys’ mess.

Cheapest isn’t always best – especially when it comes to electrical.  Customer service is a big piece of this puzzle. Think about your experience from your first phone call with the company to having the electrician out to look at the job and factor that in with the price. 

Melvin and Kyndall Joyner of Joyner Electric And Security Best Electrician

Joyner Electric And Security - Your Choice Electrician!

We hope this helps you in finding the best electrician for your job. And we do hope you would contact our office for all of your electrical needs. We’ve been in business since 1972, we are fully insured (we’ve got the COI’s to prove it) and licensed as well. As granddaddy always said, “Don’t Be In The Dark – Call the Experts!”

Georgia Low Voltage – Unrestricted: LVU000088
Georgia Electrical Contractor – Non Restricted: EN211003
Florida Certified Electrical Contractor: EC13008464

Ready to move forward?

Ready to move forward?

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