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What is a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)? 
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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

“Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are the difference between life and death in certain circumstances…” Brady Oppenheim

Quick Facts On GFCIs

  • According to OSHA, GFCI is a fast acting circuit breaker designed to shut off electric power in the event of a ground fault. 
  • It was invented by Charles Dalziel in 1961 and patented in 1965.
  • GFCIs were required by code as early as 1971.
    • Eaton has made a brochure showing recent GFCI code revisions.  You can find it here
  • GFCI outlets are required in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor spaces, in crawlspaces, basements, and boathouses.   
  • EFSi estimates that if GFCI protection was not required, there would be a 603% increase in electrocutions

Ground Fault FAQs

  • What is a ground fault? “A ground fault happens when power leaks off the hot to ground.” Melvin Joyner 
  • What causes a ground fault?  A few things can cause ground faults, including: loose connections, water contact, poorly insulated or damaged wiring. 

What Do I Need To Do With GFCI Outlets?

  1. Have an electrician make sure you have GFCI outlets where required. 
  2. Test your GFCI outlets once a month and after power failures.

How Do I Test GFCI Outlets?

If you don’t have the manufacturer’s instructions, suggests to plug in a lamp into your GFCI outlet for testing. What is a GFCI

  1. Turn on the lamp.
  2. Press the TEST button.
    1. The lamp should have turned off. 
  3. Press RESET.
    1. The lamp should have come back on. 

If the lamp did not turn off during test and back on during reset, you need a licensed electrician to come inspect the GFCI or wiring.  



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Matt and his assistant fixed several things in my home from a ceiling fan installation to lights and outlets that wouldn’t work. They were very professional. They informed me of what was wrong and helped me decide what to do about it. They were friendly and answered all my questions and are very knowledgeable. I will never call anyone else for service and will recommend them to everyone I know. I will also ask for Matt. I’m sure they’re all just as good but he was so knowledgeable and made me feel he fixed those things the way he would fix them in his own home. I felt the price was very reasonable. All in all it was a great experience. Thank you.

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We live in a 50 year old house that still had a fuse box when we moved here in 2001. It served us well until we added some entertainment components and new appliances to our home. We knew we needed to upgrade the system. We carefully researched companies that could do the job and chose Joyner after reading reviews and talking to people. From the initial evaluation and estimate by Jason to the work done by Daniel and his team, the experience was confidence inspiring. We are very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend them to anyone needing major or minor electrical work done.

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