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Lightning Strikes

When Lightning Strikes Your Home or Business


Our area has seen a lot of storms recently and our phones have been ringing off the hooks ever since due to lightning strikes and the damage it has caused. These are two of the most common calls we get after a big storm.

  1. Lightning strikes their home or close to it, and electronics got fried and home insurance requires electrical inspection.
  2. Lightning strikes and now some outlets & switches aren’t functioning.

Can I prevent damage from lightning strikes?

Lightning is a powerful and unpredictable force.  Even with a lightning protection system and surge protectors, there is no guarantee that lightning won’t find a way to cause damage.  One way to reduce the damage caused by lighting hits is to unplug your devices before a storm begins.  Please do not do this during a storm or while a storm is approaching. Unplugging your devices won’t protect your electrical system but it will prevent your electronics from getting fried.

My home or business was hit by lightning. Now what?

Call an electrician to inspect your electrical system.  We’ll check your electrical system and make any necessary repairs. Here are a few things that we inspect after a home is hit.

  1. Inspect Breaker Panel
  2. Check & Test Outlets
  3. Test Switches
  4. Find & Repair Damage


Who to Call

Joyner Electric & Security has been doing business in Savannah and the surrounding areas since 1972. We are licensed and insured and guarantee all of our work. Give us a call today. 912-236-1730

"After our house was struck by lightning, they came right over and checked all the sockets and switches and repaired everything perfectly. They were also able to point out electronics that were damaged and needed replacing. Thanks for the speedy service!

P. Baxter

Ready to move forward?

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Savannah, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Port Wentworth, Garden City, Hinesville, Wilmington Island, Bloomingdale, Guyton, Thunderbolt, Tybee Island, and surrounding areas. 

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