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Projects That May
Require A Panel Upgrade

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New Year - New Projects!

Are you planning on home renovations this year?   If you have a 100 Amp panel, chances are you may need an electrical panel upgrade.  It’s best to have an electrician look at your project plans and inspect your panel to make sure it has the capacity to handle the load required.  Here’s a few projects that may require a panel upgrade or require special connections that may cost more than you expected.

Hot Tubs and Saunas

When purchasing a hot tub, the salespeople are probably not going to know how much the electrical hook-up will cost.   There are factors like where you are installing it, how close it is to the panel, and if your panel can carry the load.  All these things can change the price of a hot tub electrical hook-up.

When we searched for hot tub hook up prices, the range was huge.  HomeAdvisor has a typical range between $157 and $490 (as of 2020) but in the following paragraph on the same page, their range jumps to $320 to $17,000.  Every setup is a little different.  It’s best to get a quote from a licensed electrician before purchasing a hot tub to avoid any unexpected costs.

Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Many times, we as consumers want to save money and tankless water heaters are advertised as saving us money while being eco-friendly.  Win-win, right?  Well, before making your purchase you’ll need to make sure your electrical system can handle the new appliance.

The average tankless water heater requires around 120 Amps and most homes only have a 100-200 Amp panel.  Ecosmart, a tankless water heater manufacturer provides a chart for their tankless water heater’s electrical requirements along with a disclaimer that their customers may need a service upgrade.   If you have a 150 Amp panel and the manufacturer’s recommended household electric service is 150 Amps, are you considering your other electrical loads?  Depending on your home setup and other electrical needs, you may still need a panel upgrade

In the long run, a tankless water heater may save you some money, but you also need to think about your total hook-up costs which may include an electrical service upgrade.


Here in the south, a pool can be really enjoyable but before making that big investment, keep in mind there are costs other than the pool installation.   Jason from River Pools and Spas wrote up a helpful article about his experience of homeowners needing service upgrades and provides a list of pool equipment and their electrical needs.  Here is an abbreviated list from his article.

  • Pool Pump: 240v, 10amps
  • Pool Heat Pump: 240v, 50 amps
  • Self-Contained Hot Tub: 240v 50 amps

Make sure you are hiring a highly rated, experienced, and licensed electrician for your pool electrical hook-up. 

Detached Buildings & Additions

Detached buildings and home additions and their power needs vary based on the power they require.  A carriage house or in-law suite/apartment has different electrical needs than a small shed with a single light.  Based on your electrical needs, your panel may need an upgrade.   Especially for a detached building that has its own heating and cooling and appliances, chances are you will need a service upgrade.

Take note, some of these projects will require working with the power company and electrical inspections which may have their own costs.

To sum things up, before starting a project, do your research and reach out to a licensed electrician to make sure your panel has the capacity for the load that your project requires.

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