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Sparking Outlets

Electrical Safety Hazards - Sparking Outlets

When you’ve got sparking outlets, it may be time to call a pro.  Listed below are some reasons why outlets could spark.

Everyday / Normal Sparking

You plug in a small appliance or lamp and there is a tiny spark.  When power is transferred to that appliance, there will be a quick draw on the available power.  This results in that tiny spark you saw and is sometimes normal.  However, if you continue to see sparking in a single outlet, it may need to be looked at by an electrician.

Poor Installation or Repair

Many times this is due to a DIY attempt or a lazy installer. When a receptacle is installed, wires should be connected to the screw terminal.  The installer may have simply stabbed the wire in the back rather than connecting it to the screw terminal. This is not necessarily wrong but it is better practice to connect via the screw terminal rather than stab lock on the back. If you aren’t sure how to install an outlet, please call a pro that is licensed and insured.

Old or Loose Connectionssparking outlet

Outlets wear out just like anything else that gets used everyday.  You’ll know your outlets are old when the plug doesn’t stay in or just barely stays in the outlet. Loose connections can result in short circuits and electrical fires.

Water Damage

Water damage in an outlet causes oxidation which will result in poor connection between the outlet and the plug. Poor connections cause heat and will eventually burn up your receptacle.

Exposed and Frayed Wires

Electrical wires are covered with and insulating material which prevents electricity from conducting through it.  If your electrical wires are exposed and not covered by some time of insulating material, a serious spark can occur.

What do I do when my outlets are sparking?

If the spark is something you are concerned about and believe it could be one of the last 4 reasons listed, go ahead and turn the breaker off to that outlet and call a professional.

Who to Call

Joyner Electric & Security has been doing business in Savannah and the surrounding areas since 1975. We are licensed and insured and guarantee all of our work. Give us a call today.  Sparking outlets should not be a do it yourself project.  Please call a licensed electrician.

What our customers say…

“Mr.Joyner came on an emergency basis,and removed a wall plug that was sparking and flaming.He was patient and polite,and did a good job.I would recommend him to anyone who needs an electrician.I will use him and his company again with confidence that the work will be done right,and priced fairly.”
– Byron C. of Rincon, Ga on 4/28/16
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