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Benefits To Upgrade Your Warehouse Lighting

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Light Up Your Business With
Warehouse Lighting Upgrades

Keeping your warehouse lighting in good working condition is imperative.  But, what are the benefits of warehouse lighting upgrades?   Fewer workplace accidents, increased productivity, and lower operating costs are just a few.  Read more below. 


Keeping your warehouse lighting in good working condition is imperative.  But, have you thought of the benefits of upgrading your lighting?   

  • By providing better lighting, you reduce the risk of workplace accidents like slips, trips, and falls. 
  • Increased productivity
  • Prevents eye fatigue and headaches
  • Lower operating costs 
  • Work instructions, signs, and warning labels can be read with better lighting


By keeping your lighting updated and in good working order in your warehouse, you increase visibility and decrease the chances of property damage or losses. Poorly lit areas are prone to accidents, lower productivity, and costly mistakes. All of which can hurt team morale, and your bottom dollar. Since LED lighting needs less maintenance than other types of warehouse lighting, LEDs are a great option for your warehouse. With LEDs, your warehouse will experience less downtime resulting in increased productivity.

Warehouse lighting upgrade


Warehouse lighting is typically on for long periods of time – these are the situations where you will see the most savings when switching to LED lighting. LEDs are generally about 40 degrees cooler than conventional fluorescent bulbs which in the Georgia heat, can make a huge difference in your cooling costs. As mentioned earlier, LEDs require less maintenance but can also last for years which will save your business money on future replacements. Instead of a full lighting system replacement, we can retrofit which makes your current lighting system LED compatible and retrofits are normally less expensive.


In addition to savings overtime, there are usually rebates and incentives available for many lighting projects. Check with your power company for possible rebates. Georgia Power offers a variety of rebates. 


Give our office a call to schedule your estimate.  Let us help you reduce your operations cost by reducing your power bill.  We can discuss different work space light options that will give your work space optimal lighting. 

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