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Power Outages

What Do I Do During A Power Outage?

Here in Georgia, we are currently prepping for Hurricane Dorian.  And with most hurricanes, tropical storms, and strong winds, there’s bound to be power outages.  We want you to be prepared and know what to do and what to expect if your power goes out.

My Neighborhood Has No Power.

If your power is out and your neighbors do not have power either, report the power outage to your power company and wait. Depending on conditions – you may have to wait a few days.

Report Power Outage to Georgia Power 

Report Power Outage to Coastal Electric Cooperative

My Neighbors Have Power But I Don't.

What do you do if your neighbors have power and you don’t? If you do not have power but your neighbors do, you may have external electrical issues that requires an electrician.  Please do not try to DIY any electrical issues. Report your power outage to your power company and call an electrician.

Generator Safety

If you are using a generator please remember these safety tips… 

  1. Do not run your generator in an enclosed area. 
  2. Do not refuel your generator while it’s running. 
  3. Do not connect power cords to your generator while it’s running. 

This is not a comprehensive list.  Please read your generator warning labels and instruction manual. 

You May Not Know...

Most power companies give a modest window of time for repairs without electrical inspections following major events like hurricanes as long as repairs are made by a licensed electrical contractor. While restoring power, they may spot check houses and let you know what you need to do if they see power is not fully restored to your home or business. 

If power has been restored but you have electrical problems and you wait too long to make repairs, you may be subject to inspections and/or permit requirements which add additional costs. 

Residential Electrical Service Call Power Outage

Please Be Patient.

If you don’t have power many others probably do not as well.  Conditions after a storm affect how quickly your power is returned.  

If you see downed trees blocking the roads, and you are able bodied, it would be a huge help to lineman and emergency service providers to help clear the roads.  

However, if you see a downed power line nearby – report it and just wait. 

We have crews in Chatham county and surrounding areas on the ready. Due to potential flooding and downed trees, repairs may take some time. So, please be patient and stay safe!

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Who To Call For Electrical Repairs

If you have electrical issues after power has been restored, please give Joyner Electric and Security a call. We have over 47 years of experience and are licensed and fully insured. 

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